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“I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid ® worldwide and have now used Arthramid ® for over 10 years in our clinic. We have injected over a thousand horses and have found it to be very safe. It has been a major game-changer in the way we treat OA in our patients. We have fantastic results with really frustrating cases and are still working on new indications and treatment schemes for the product. We are also looking into the ongoing research, especially around the Mode of Action. There are not many “new” products implemented in our OA Toolbox in recent years. Regenerative medicine and bisphosphonates were the greatest new assets and I rate Arthramid ® Vet in the same league. 2.5% PAAG gives us the chance to minimize corticosteroids and we have no threats of “doping positive “ cases. As well, some horses, instead of being destroyed, are happily back in business. I would encourage every orthopaedic vet to try the product. They will love it, if their case selection is appropriate. ”
Dr Marc Koene DVM - Founder and Partner at Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH Equine Hospital in Northern Germany
“I have been using Arthramid ® Vet for 4 years treating TB’s, SB’s and equestrian horses. 90% of my work is lameness identification and treatment. I have injected over 600 joints with Arthramid ® Vet and have experienced no side effects. I have used all of the alternative joint treatments over the last 50 years and consider Arthramid ® Vet (in conjunction with triamcinolone in an overall treatment strategy) superior to all other treatments. 85% of my TB lameness localises to the intercarpal joint.If we are treating early cases before severe bone changes have occurred we will achieve long term reduction of joint inflammation. I have even been using it as a prophylactic in some cases. If we have major bone changes I add triamcinolone into the overall treatment plan as required. I have used Arthramid ® Vet in Fetlocks,TMT, Coffin, Pastern, and Stifle joints. In the gliding joints it is a superb product with spectacular results. In my experience joint pain on flexion is gone in 2 weeks and, usually lameness markedly reduced, but the maximum result is not achieved until up to 6 weeks. In summary Arthramid ® Vet is a very valuable treatment option and is my first port of call for all lamenesses involving non septic joint inflammation.”
Dr Kim Mckellar - AK & K Equine Services, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Equine Stable Vet, Committee Member and previous Chair of Ballarat Turf Club, and Country Racing Board member
“Arthramid ® Vet has achieved results that I thought were not possible and has therefore become a regular recommendation to owners to treat their horses with osteoarthritis when appropriate. I manage horses that compete in a variety of disciplines with owner ability ranging from novice to professional. As such owner expectations vary markedly for management of joint disease their horse may have. Cases of osteoarthritis typically seen can be early onset or be chronic in nature, ranging from mild to severe. Patient age can be as young as 3 to over 20, and suffering from other disease processes such as endocrine issues. Managing client expectations is a challenge and an art. Finding the best solution for the clients needs is the intended outcome and not always easy to achieve. Arthramid ® Vet enables me to effectively manage joints that have mild, moderate or severe osteoarthritic changes for a prolonged period of time with very little chance of having an adverse reaction, even in those patients with other disease processes occurring concurrently. This provides peace of mind for the owner and myself. It also works out to be financially viable in the long-term. Arthramid ® Vet has been a great option for horse owners of all levels to provide effective osteoarthritis management. The longevity of effect and owner perception of arthramid not being a bioactive drug, are by far the biggest benefits. I would definitely recommend Arthramid ® Vet.”
Dr Marcus Allan - Tauranga Veterinary Services Ltd, New Zealand
“I have been using Arthramid ® Vet for five years. I see lame horses that I qualify as “non-responders”. The diagnosis/localisation of pain is accurate on those cases, but they do not respond to rest, and corticosteroids +/- HA intrasynovial. These represent my biggest challenge. Arthramid ® Vet is often of great help on those cases in association with orthopaedic shoeing, magnetic diathermy and a revisited exercise program to regain and maintain soundness. The second set of cases that represent a challenge are horses presented with poor performance. They are not genuinely lame, but several sites in their body including joints show signs of wear and tear. This accumulation of stress is associated with the athletic activity they perform and also to some individual predispositions to injury (poor conformation, overweight, lack of repair capacities). On these cases, Arthramid ® Vet for its long duration of action can help. The third group of horses I see as a challenge are diagnosed with soft tissue injuries within synovial structures (tendon sheath, bursa or joint). In general, the body responds poorly to healing those lesions. It is still unclear to me if Arthramid ® Vet can help to return some of these horses to soundness when unsatisfactory healing of intrasynovial soft tissue has occurred. Arthramid ® Vet is a very potent and very safe drug to use, and I recommend it to my clients and other vets. Arthramid ® Vet should be in the therapeutic toolbox of any equine veterinarian. I see Arthramid ® Vet as a solution with great potential, and more work is needed to refine its use.”
Dr Florent David DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVS/ECVS, Dipl. ACVSMR, ECVDI Assoc. - Equine Veterinary Medical Centre, Qatar


“This mare was a problem for years. We had to give her oxytocin shots every two hours to try to keep her dry. The Mictamid® procedure was simple. Now she’s dry. Thank you.”
Judy Blentlinger - New Beginnings Farm, Versailles KY

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